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this week was fun n interesting ty ny

and next week should be fun n interesting n fun here i come boston

tuesday night was one of the most best nights all around

sneaking myself out of a train ticket, a really great taxi driver who has been doing it for 23 years, pre juicy j encounters, juicy j and the encounters within, then post juicy j encounters, then post post juicy j encounters, then making my train back and not losing anything in the process

thats a successful night in my book

"   Don’t be slutty, don’t have sex. But be sexy. If you’re too sexy though and you get raped, then that’s you’re own fault because you’re not actually supposed to listen to us about being sexy, even though we tell you your value is derived from how sexy you are. If you get into a position of power, we will assume that you used your sex appeal to get there and not your brains and we will mock you even though we told you the only thing that mattered was your sex appeal. Make yourself accessible to me, but holy shit stop being so desperate and needy. Don’t be a tease. If we want to have sex with you, don’t friendzone us, even though we just fucking told you not to have sex.   "
patriarchy proverb  (via oublies)

(Source: stfueverything, via 1una)